This article lists down some basic, simple home Vastu tips to design your house/apartment/flat. And some necessary precautions you must take to bring in more prosperity, joy, love in your life.

We’ll cover the major areas of the house – living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

What is Vastu?

In simple terms, Vastu / Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture to design places which helps to enjoy the benefits bestowed by nature, its elements and energy fields for enhanced wealth, health, and happiness.

There are 8 directions associated with Vastu that governs the rules for building houses and placing objects. Based on some of these directions, we have compiled some tips to decorate your house.

And if you don’t believe in Vastu, what you got to lose if you are decorating your house?

Vastu for living room


Entrance and Main door area

This is the main entry point to draw energy, money and happiness to your home. Therefore, ensure it’s kept very clean, dirt and clutter free and should look spacious so that the energy can circulate.

Hang a bell or wind chime near the entrance. Its auspicious sound will act as a magnet to pull money. Also, keep the entrance well lit by using a beautiful lamp just above the door.


Place the main sofa against a solid wall. Otherwise, you will have no support in life. The smaller sofas can have a window behind but not the main one. Prefer rectangular sofas over circular sofas. Same goes for side tables.


If your living room windows face north or east, hang light curtains. For windows facing south or west, use heavy ones.

Prayer Area

If you have a small area dedicated for Pooja or prayers, place the Pooja shelf or cabinet in the northeast part of the room.

Artwork & Paintings

Do not put pictures that depict sadness, violence or loneliness. Also, avoid confusing abstract art. Have a family picture in a metal frame. The best place is the northeast wall.


Place your TV in the southeast corner. It works well to detract attention away from the TV. Avoid placing it on the northwest wall. Otherwise, the family will spend more time with the TV rather than with each other.

Plants & Flowers

Lush green plants in the northeast corner will bring you the maximum good fortune. Care for them and keep them healthy. Assigning a special place to the money plant in your home will attract more wealth.


Make sure your clock is working and shows the correct time. A non-working clock can bring your finances to a standstill.


Place lights in all corners and center to keep your house well lit throughout day and night. If you have a chandelier, it will add more beauty. But do not place it in the center. Instead, hang it in the south or west side of the room.


Your living room should depict your warm and vibrant personality. Hence, as per Vastu Shastra, blue, green and yellow are best colors along with a combination of red.

Adding some gold color furnishing can bring in more wealth.

Simple enough? Now let’s learn some basic Vastu tips for bedrooms.

Vastu for Bedroom

Your bedroom should be an escape from the stress of your everyday life, whether those include your work, children, health or friendships.

A good Vastu enabled bedroom will bring more good luck, prosperity as well as the romantic passion missing from your love or married life.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom should always be located in the southwest part of the house because it represents the earth element and heaviness, thus making it suitable for the family heads.


Place a bed against a solid wall support and not below a window. Use a solid wooden bed compared to metal or iron as wood produces more positive energy.

Also, place your bed diagonally opposite the bedroom door, not directly in front of the bedroom door. This will give you some privacy.

Placing your head in the north direction while sleeping is considered dangerous. So plan your bed and sleeping position accordingly.

TV, Wardrobes, Dressing table, Mirror

  • Ideally, you should move your television out of your bedroom as it’s a distraction. If you can’t, try placing it far away from your bed so as to not get in the way of the bed’s positive energy.
  • Southwest corner is the best place for wardrobes.
  • For dressing table, north or east wall is the best option.
  • According to Vastu, avoid a mirror in front of your bed as the reflection of one’s sleeping body in a mirror is inauspicious.


There is nothing sexy about a well-lit room. Placing lamps on either side of the bed can give your room a romantic glow.

For the best Vastu, avoid bright, garish lights, or ceiling lights over your bed.

Try to get as much natural light as you can from the window.


The most sensual colors for the bedroom are  skin tone colors like pink, blue, purple or grey in lighter shades. These colors add romance and spark intimacy.

Artwork and Paintings

Avoid lonely and sad photos of yourself, photos of friends and relatives, etc. These could invite possible financial loss or robbery.

Replace these images with pictures or symbols of romantic couples or some motivational pictures to rejuvenate yourself.


Keep your bedroom clean. Have ample space between your bed, cupboards and desks to have a free flow of energy. Use minimum furniture.

Get rid of any extra papers, trash, silly photos, useless gifts. If you have a too much sentimental attachment to these items, put them in storage.

Vastu for Kitchen / Vastu for Dining

The kitchen is considered as the main source of energy as it represents nourishment and relationship harmony for the occupants.

Especially ladies, they may compromise on not getting the living room or bedroom right, but not the kitchen. So make it right in the first place.


Fire rules the kitchen and governs the south-east direction. So ideal kitchen location is the south-east direction. If unavailable, then go for the north-west direction.

Make sure that the kitchen is not over or under the Pooja room or bathroom. It shouldn’t share a wall with the bathroom or pooja room.


Vastu Shastra lays emphasis on a well-ventilated kitchen so that there is a free flow of energies. The window should open in the east bringing in the fresh morning light into your kitchen. Exhaust should also be placed on the eastern wall.


Use vibrant colors for the kitchen.  Green, yellow, red, chocolate, rose, orange is fine. Avoid black, grey  or other dark and depressing color.

For kitchen flooring, marble and ceramic are shiny, easy to maintain and Vastu compliant too.

Sink, Stove, Oven

Once again since stove represents fire, the direction for it should be south-east.

According to Vastu rules for the kitchen, the cook should be facing towards east while cooking.

Ensure that you don’t place the sink and stove next to each other as that can lead to arguments as it creates a water and fire clash.

Cabinets / Storage boxes

The cabinets should be made in the southern and western walls of the kitchen. The northern and eastern walls should be avoided and best be left empty.

Have some open display shelving. This little Vastu trick opens up a small, confined space and lightens the energy by creating a better flow.

Electrical Appliances

Oven, refrigerator, mixer, microwave, etc; all the electrical equipment should be placed in the south or south-east direction of the kitchen. Avoid the north-eastern direction.

Dining Area

  • Dining area in the west is best, second best in the north or east.
  • Have square or rectangular dining tables over circular, oval or any other shape as far as possible. Place the dining table towards the south-west corner of the dining area, but make sure that dining table doesn’t touch the wall and it isn’t under a beam.
  • Use north-east of the dining area to keep drinking water.
  • Provide wash-basin in north or east but not in south-east or north-west.
  • If dining place is a part of drawing-room (very common these days) then use a curtain or a potted plant as a demarcation.

Vastu for  Bathroom


Vastu Shastra suggests to construct the bathroom on the east side of the house, and toilets to be installed separately.

Although it is not possible these days to have a toilet and bathroom separate because of lack of space. So, if they are attached, then do not build the toilet in the eastern direction. It should be constructed towards the west or south.


A large window can be placed in the north and smaller ventilators can be placed in the east or west. The window should allow light and air, which would help to dry up the bathroom very quickly, maintain constant light and circulate fresh air in the bathroom.


Paint bathroom walls blue, white or light shades of pink, etc. Light shades brighten up space and make it look larger than the original space.


  • Vastu suggests installing the taps and showers on the northern side. As per Vastu guidelines, the drainage system should be in the northeast direction.
  • The geyser should be placed in the southeast corner, the door should not be in the southwest direction and a bathtub can be set-up on the west side.
  • You may add some art elements, candles, flowers, or essential oils diffuser to bring a sense of beauty and aroma to your bathroom.

Start living a BETTER LIFE!

These were the basic Vastu for Home tips which can be implemented easily and without paying some hefty consultation fees to experts.

Add them to your list while designing a new home, renovating your house.

Some tips you can put to action immediately. It will change your fortune.

Wish you a life full of prosperity, love and happiness.

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